What’s Ideaschema All About?

Ideaschema is a positive impact agency, dedicated to the growth and spread of ideas that help people. Even we are still learning what this means — and we love it more every moment. This is the meat of what we do:

  • Create and grow native Ideaschema projects, meaningful art, and collaborative ventures — all based on self- and community-driven learning, and capable of significant social impact.
  • Help conscious change-makers to communicate in ways that excite, engage and inspire their audiences, draws the community together in resonant ways, and spread beautiful ideas even farther.
  • Get smart people off their butts and into their labs — where they can free themselves to be true to themselves — and create in ways that improve their own lives and the lives of people across the globe.

If you want to jump into a new project, email Marty — he’ll help you get started.

A little more context…

The nutshell: We still do what we once did, but differently. We also do something else, a wider and softer territory that we haven’t brought into the world before. We are going to offer to you what we are in this moment, and find out what happens, because that’s all we can do from where we are.

Ideaschema’s latest challenge comes in the form of Megan’s chronic illness adventure, hustling all of us off our cognitive butts and into activities that help us heal.

For Megan, that means extreme (and pricy) dietary changes, lifestyle transformation, a major focus on self-care, and continuing doctor appointments. It means patience — as well as respect and love for self. It means radical self-forgiveness, and letting go of all the societally-acceptable guilts, fears, anxieties, because in long-term illness, those things only grow bigger and scarier as one allows them to continue un-addressed.

For Marty, it means healthy self-care, too — as he is the caretaker in this case, and the caretaker must always keep a careful watch on their personal well-being. On his journey, it has meant regular meditation to strengthen and make resilient his mind, writing to express and work out his feelings, and creating stream-of-consciousness cartoons that describe what’s going on in our lives. (Check out Optic Oracular, where many of those are living.)

We are both learning that we must make art that flows out of us effortlessly — art that is deeply therapeutic. We don’t know why we were surprised at the healing power of creative fulfillment, and we don’t know why our culture doesn’t yet recognize this phenomenon more directly. We do know that it has changed our lives in startling and wonderful ways.

We also know that Ideaschema was made for sharing just this flavor of self-loving illumination.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the two of us are different people since all this began.

The essential lessons and activities listed throughout the above paragraphs are becoming part of Ideaschema’s neural network, because they’re part of our neural network. We’re living on the edge, surfing the personal maelstrom, and we are learning things.

At the same time, we believe in the globally beneficial potential of each of us sharing what they know. (Seen Luc Besson’s Lucy? It makes a similar point.)

Anyway, that’s what we’re going to do. We opened up a Patreon account for Ideaschema to facilitate that mission. Come take a look.

Who are we?

Megan Elizabeth MorrisMegan Elizabeth Morris, otherwise known as MEM: Megan the M has previously been described as a firecracker of enthusiasm for socially conscious idea spreading (well, by us, anyway!). MEM has changed a lot since 2012, and none of us have quite been able to come up with the most appropriate biographical phrasing. Megan has historically specialized in out-of-the-box thinking, community marketing, and people-driven projects. She has served as Chief of Talent for Squidoo Magazines, Co-Lead for Seth Godin’s Domino Project Street Team, Community Catalyst for Productive Flourishing and similar community-oriented roles for many other Ideaschema clients. She is currently focused entirely on her healing process, and has no idea what she’s going to do next. She’s biding her time, engaged in Healthification, delighting in the knowlessness. To find out more about MEM, take a look at her information page right here.

Martin WhitmoreMartin Whitmore, Clarity-Making Illustrator: Marty has more than two decades of comic illustration and design experience, and an incredible talent for transforming complex concepts into easy-to-digest illustrations. (And also an incredible partner, insightful thinker, and a deeply caring person.) He’s friendly, lovably quirky, genuinely interested in others and easy to get on with. Working with him is a joy. (He’s also hilarious if you catch him in the right mood.) And now, he is also running most of Ideaschema’s day-to-day operations, since MEM’s health challenges. He’s probably the first person you’ll talk to. You can read about him more on his information page, too!

Ideaschema’s place in the greater scheme of things is changing rapidly, and our website is still catching up to the latest (of many) massive transformation(s). If you want to know more now, email Megan and she’ll share what she can of the latest juicy details as soon as she is able. (If you want faster information, email Marty.)

If you’re (still?) looking for the older version of our site, you can find it at Ideaschema.net (until Megan is able to finish up the move).