What’s Ideaschema All About?

Ideaschema is a positive impact agency dedicated to the growth and spread of ideas that help people. Our fundamental purpose is three-fold:

  • Help authors, publishers and thought leaders communicate their ideas in ways that excite, engage and inspire their audiences.
  • Create and grow native Ideaschema projects and collaborative ventures, based on self- and community-driven learning and capable of significant social impact.
  • Get smart people off their butts and into their labs, where they can build projects that improve their own lives and the lives of people across the globe.

Ideaschema’s place in the greater scheme of things is changing rapidly, and our website is still catching up to the latest massive transformation. If you want to know more now, email Megan and she’ll share what she can of the latest juicy details. If you’re looking for the older and (for the moment) more informational version of our site, you can find it at Ideaschema.net.

If you want to jump into a new project, email Marty — he’ll help you get started.

Who are we?

Megan Elizabeth MorrisMegan Elizabeth Morris, otherwise known as MEM: Megan the M is a firecracker of enthusiasm for socially conscious idea spreading. Megan specializes in out-of-the-box thinking, community marketing, and people-driven projects. She has served as Chief of Talent for Squidoo Magazines, Co-Lead for Seth Godin’s Domino Project Street Team, Community Catalyst for Productive Flourishing and similar community-oriented roles for many other Ideaschema clients. To find out more about MEM, take a look at her information page right here.

Martin WhitmoreMartin Whitmore, Clarity-Making Illustrator: Marty has more than two decades of comic illustration and design experience, and an incredible talent for transforming complex concepts into easy-to-digest illustrations. He’s friendly, lovably quirky, genuinely interested in others and easy to get on with (and working with him is a joy). He is also running most of Ideaschema’s day-to-day operations, and he’s probably the first person you’ll talk to when you’re starting to work with us. You can read about him more on his information page, too!