No Idling – It’s Time to Do the Work.

Before you read any further, I’d love for you to go download a copy of No Idling, which is a free PDF ebook produced by the Domino Project Street Team. Here’s a direct download link.

No Idling is a collection of personal stories and encouragements by some of the greatest doers on the web. We received contributions from Mark Silver, David Siteman Garland, Paul Durban, Charlie Gilkey, Michael Port, Bob Poole, Becky Blanton, Karl Staib, Neil Pasricha, Andrew Warner — and dozens of others you should check out.

These stories were all inspired by Steven Pressfield’s latest book, Do the Work, which is still available for free in digital format until May 20th — yes, go grab a copy, it’s extremely good, I’m not kidding. We’ve got a full review coming down the pike this week.

The Domino Project Street Team is a fantastic group of people, and we had a blast being a part of this project. Shout-outs to the whole Street Team, especially Mohit Pawar (who ran the project), Sachit Gupta (the man with design fu), Dave Weinberg (whose cover photo and interpretation were just glorious) and Melissa Giovagnoli (who edited at the speed of light!). You all freaking rock.

Also: Extra thanks to Amber Rae and Michael Parrish DuDell who put up with us all while we ran around like headless chickens before (and just after) launch. ;}

Marty did an enormous amount of impromptu illustration for us, based solely on our brainstorming together and my suggestions from discussions with the Street Team. He wasn’t nearly as in-the-loop as I was, and he still participated with enthusiasm! Also, his last-minute text proofing superpowers are beyond compare.

The illustrations from the ebook (and thensome) are in the gallery below. I had to pull out my favorite, however — that one’s above. Resistance Metamorphosis FTW!

These are the originals; we adapted the illustrations to the ebook design and in the end made them more subtle. Some of the more attention-grabbing illustrations didn’t make it into the final product, but I’m including them here because they’re lots of fun. All the inks are Marty’s, of course! Because we decided to have a little more fun and play with colored pencils, I got to do the color for 80% of these myself, which was a pretty awesome way to spend an afternoon. My inner 5-year-old was filled with glee.

[nggallery id=no-idling]

Want more information? Want to help? Check out the additional No Idling posts below, like The Domino Project on Facebook, and share No Idling and Do the Work with your friends — especially from now until the 20th, while the latter is still free of charge.

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  1. says

    Megan, you and Marty rocked on this one. Your hard work and initiative made it look so easy. Now that’s what I call being Super Awesome :)

  2. says

     I am so proud of the team on this! It was an honor to be part of the end product! Can’t wait to have you on the show today to talk all about this! –

  3. Sachit Gupta says

     :) So honored to work with you guys – you and Marty rocked it hardddd!