Trust Agents

If you’re interested in community engagement, connection-making and marketing for real people, Trust Agents is a must-read.

I admit it: We were late to the game reading Trust Agents, which is downright shameful because it’s such a useful, insightful book. If you look at Connectors and wonder how the hell they do what they do — and if you want to be successful in online business? Uh, yeah. Pick this one up.

I was discussing it with Bob Poole, because he’s one of my greatest Connectors — and he taught me a lot about human artistry in marketing before I even came across the term. Bob wrote a little book called Listen First – Sell Later, and even he said that Trust Agents reconfirmed for him that trust is the most important human emotion necessary for success in selling. Bob is all about asking questions and actively listening, and this is real trust agent mojo.

What Chris and Julien have put together in Trust Agents is the first thing you should pick up if you want to understand how people connection works on the internet. How do you build an audience? How do you get them paying attention? Networking, business, social media, this is where you should start.

I doubt there’s a better primer on community marketing anywhere.

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  1. says

    Thank you for your kind words, Megan. Marty and you did a fantastic job on the flow chart. This should help readers of Trust Agents really get into the flow. :-)