Keep Learning, But Fail First

The Actionable Books interview of which I speak: Seth Godin, “Fail or You’re Fired”. And brace yourself, because I’m about to make a (hopefully balanced) argument against buying that next infoproduct…

And the many other things of which I also spoke…

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  1. says

    What stops people from taking action sooner? I think the overwhelming amount of information available today is a double edged sword relative to entrepreneurship and shipping. 25 years ago we moved much more quickly because we didn’t have the kind of access the net has given us. We failed more often and more quickly thereby allowing us to learn and start again. Today, as you point out, people are spending way too much time analyzing, learning and thinking about things.

    Thanks for the videos and for reminding me what’s important.

    • says

      It’s really easy to tell yourself there’s more to learn, because there will ALWAYS be more to learn. But how great an education is ACTION — far better than absorbing more information, doing something teaches in the trenches. Figuring out how to help people get to the action rather than resting on the education is big for me right now.

  2. says

    Nice couple of videos, Megan (and thanks for the Seth Godin bonus).

    I can tell you from personal experience that lizard brain of ours sure likes to read. And read. Comfortably, in the warmth of the house. And get inspired. Yep, the lizard brain loves inspiration. That one got me for a while (and still does on occasion).

    Once one gets in the habit of acting, doing, shipping, a new challenge emerges: information overload. There is just so much out there. When the work includes research, it so easy to research ad-nauseum, one can research a project past its deadline.
    I’ll echo Bob, thanks for the reminder.