What fuels you?

The thing that fuels me is interacting with and helping people, real time.

For some reason, this is easy to forget! Not all projects involve a great deal of human interaction, and I honestly don’t think I realized before how important it was for me to reconnect on a regular basis to something moving, breathing & human. I found some clarity on this when I told Larah that I needed a pickmeup, and it didn’t have to be a specific kind of work or brainstorming… all I needed was the conversation. I needed to ask questions and answer them. I needed the exchange of entrepreneurial energy.

This is why it is sometimes so energizing for me to just help someone else, even if I’m not getting any help with what I perceive is my problem… because the real time interaction and the questions and the solving all fuel me. There’s something about that activity, working with someone, that engages and lights up all the parts of my brain. And when I get off the phone, I have Important Things To Do.

And I do them, instead of making vague productive noises and checking my email again.

Is there something specific that fuels you? Something intuitive (or not) that makes everything suddenly… click?

Photo credit: Neil Armstrong2

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  1. says

    Hi. I can relate to this. Talking to someone else and helping them solve their problem sometimes leads me to solving a problem of my own. However, the thing that fuels me is taking my dog for a walk in the woods. When I’m stuck, I need a change of scenery, space to breathe, and movement. I’ll take photos and record thoughts and reflections (with my iPhone). I return home renewed, refreshed, and energized to tackle anything. My creativity level is raised and I see things in a new way.