The Idea Catalyst Kit

The Idea Catalyst Kit was launched in January 2010. It’s no longer officially available, but if you’ve heard things and can’t bear to be without a copy, email MEM and we’ll see if we can arrange something. Information from the original landing page, for purposes of historical reenactment, is below…

Inside the Idea Catalyst Kit

Idea Catalyst Ebook. 86 pages of in-depth treatise on finding your own best creative process, and a shitload of information you can use to jumpstart it. Sections about…

  • Managing the emotional aspects of getting yourself rolling.
  • Reliably and continually generating your own fabulous ideas.
  • Building them into complex plans that can be turned into businesses.
  • And finally, taking action on them — which is the most important part!

The entire ebook is illustrated to help the concepts stick — plus a full-length audio version for listening on an iPod, or burning to CD. Some of the information inside:

  • On page 8, Megan’s secret formula for dissolving feelings of intimidation, and getting a booster shot of confidence whenever necessary!
  • On page 26, how your worst ideas might magically become your best — and on page 40, you’ll learn to make your subconscious your bitch. (It’s not as hard as you’d think.)
  • On page 42, how to get in touch with your inner child (and put him to work).
  • Page 47 — proof that bathtubs are the best idea generation tool available, with Naomi’s final word on the matter.
  • Page 82, where we share a time-honored (and masochistic) use for rubber bands that forever changed the way we thought about business…

Idea Catalyst Workbook. 35-page workbook for applying newfound knowledge. To be used while reading, or for diving in at the end. The contents:

  • 19 action-oriented worksheets to put readers through their paces.
  • 15 brain-busting lists pulled from the ebook and expanded — clear ideas on what to try next.
  • Serious calls to action, because we all need motivation and drive to succeed.

Idea Marketing with Naomi Dunford. Two exclusive audio sessions. In the first 65 minute session:

  • How even a beginner can Starbucks-engineer the customer experience.
  • When to listen, and when to ignore — opinions and advice, that is!
  • How to decide whether to do market research (and how to do it well!).
  • Telling a story, and the impact it has on your ability to make your idea successful.

The second audio session is 46 minutes of Q&A from the point of view of the confused new business owner, with a list of questions we’ve heard over the years. Including:

  • How can my idea KEEP making money?
  • How do I convince people my ideas are worth money?
  • How can I give a Starbucks experience on a nonexistent budget?
  • How do I know who my Ideal Customer is?
  • How can I get (and keep) attention for my product?
  • How do I price my products & services? What am I worth?
  • How long should I stick with a project that’s not working?

Endless Extras & New Additions

Since the original launch, we added a pile of Extra Materials:

  • A complete, comprehensive outline of the ebook for later reference.
  • Complete outlines for each audio marketing session.
  • 6 beautiful pinup lists — illustrated, with visualizations – for printing to hang near a workspace, including half-page versions to carry around.
  • The Idea Catalyst Kit Level Map: An enormous, full-color, high-resolution, printable video game visualization of the steps suggested. Screen resolution and full print resolution for a large poster.
  • An additional 344+ minutes of MP3 audio lectures from the Creative Spark Plug series, 6 artistic and musical professionals giving their best creative advice. John T. Unger, Natalie Peluso, Paul Durban, Fabeku Fatunmise, and Chris Zydel, among others.
  • Point-by-point Creative Spark Plug lecture overviews for revisiting the content visually.
  • The Creative Spark Plug Workbook, 30 pages of intensive worksheets designed to expand and improve the creative impact of the reader’s work.

Naomi Dunford

IttyBiz Marketing Maven

The Idea Catalyst Kit is about ideas. Ideas for businesses, ideas for what to do when you’ve created your business, ideas for how to make money appear from nowhere, ideas for when you think you’re well and truly screwed.

Got a great thing going but no list? She’s got ideas.

Got a great list but don’t know what to do with it? She’s got ideas.

Got nothing but must quit your job by Wednesday or die? She’s got ideas.

When she sent me her initial draft, I planned to scan it. I ended up reading every word. And then I begged her to let me add some marketing stuff. I’ve done it for free, because I think it needs to be done. Her stuff should be out there because I very strongly feel that the information she’s packed into this kit will change lives, if used properly.

It’s very, very good. If enough people get their hands on it, I think it’ll change the way these things are done.

Sonia Simone

Senior Editor, Copyblogger

Most people don’t understand that business is a creative process. And hardly anyone can explain the ins and outs of that creative process like Megan Morris.

She has, in her usual style, overdelivered like crazy on this kit. She dives into all of the stuff that tends to slow us down when we’re trying to start a business. She has a wonderfully gentle way of rearranging your thinking so it’s in line with what you want, and so you actually know you can reach it.

Because she’s a sap sweetheart, she’s underpriced the Idea Catalyst Kit (for now) so you might not realize how valuable it is. Don’t be a dope, grab it now before it’s a zillion dollars.

Michael Bungay Stanier

Senior Partner, Box of Crayons

The truth is, ideas are cheap. They pop into our head, they pop out of our head. I know this – I was the first ever employee of what’s now the world’s largest independent innovation company. But being able to take an idea and do something with it? Ah now…. that’s a whole different story. That’s why I’m a big fan of Megan’s program. It’s a lovely balance of encouragement, insight and butt-kicking to go from, as she puts it, ‘scratch to expression.’

One of my favourite quotes is from Lou Holtz – a football coach – who said “when all is said and done, a lot more is said than done.” If you want to start doing rather than just talking, take a look at The Idea Catalyst Kit.

Jonathan Fields

Career Renegade

The Idea Catalyst Kit is an ass-kicking, action-inspiring ideation toolbox. It wrangles together the critical importance of mindset with a series of mini-case studies and immediately actionable tools and worksheets that actually deliver you into a place of clarity, inspiration and momentum. This isn’t a magic bullet, nor does it claim to be. You’ve still got to do the work. But, if you’re willing, it’s one hell of a guide.

Bob Poole

Author of Listen First – Sell Later

Oh, how I wish there had been an Idea Catalyst Kit for me when I was 22 years old and starting out as an entrepreneur. It would have saved me many, many hours, and sleepless nights. They say experience is the best teacher but I know for a fact that other peoples’ experience is so much better, quicker and cheaper.

This is one investment you’ll look back on one day (if you apply what you learn) and realize it ranks in the top-five you made in your life.

James Chartrand

Men with Pens

There are a lot of great ideas out there. You probably have a few of those half-formulated ideas floating around yourself. But half-formulated isn’t much good, is it? Half-formulated is just a vague idea that you might be onto something cool, but there’s no real, tangible goal that you can reach. It’s just a feeling you have. Just a dream.

Want some good news? You can give your dreams some glue and turn them into something awesome. The Idea Catalyst Kit is specifically designed to help you get those feelings of something great out of that semi-formed state and onto paper so you can do something about them. It helps you grab your ideas, overcome the creative obstacles and helps you set your dreams into motion.

The Idea Catalyst Kit doesn’t let those dreams of yours float away. What more could you want?

Pam Slim

Author of Escape from Cubicle Nation

Lack of ideas is not what keeps hoards of people trapped in Cubicle Nation – rather it is the lack of actionable, marketable, feasible ideas. Thank goodness Megan whipped up her entertaining, inspiring and extremely useful Idea Catalyst Kit so you not only generate killer ideas for improving your life and starting your business, but have fun while doing it.

(I will not lie, what sold me was proof that you generate profitable ideas while in the bathtub. I always knew it, but now have Naomi’s $11,000 testimonial to back it up. Worth the price of the ebook for this tip alone.)

Megan Zumwinkel Taylor

Aspiring Entrepreneur

The Magnificent Megan M. and company have created a remarkable product in the Idea Catalyst Kit. If you’ve ever lost faith in your creativity, or in your ability to come up with ideas, or if you’re just not sure you even had such an ability to begin with, you should check it out. It takes you step by step through the process of idea creation, offering encouragement (and a few belly laughs) along the way. I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t benefit from the product; I know I have.

Keith Roumfort

Cooking for One Person

I bought the Idea Catalyst Kit when it first came out for two big reasons.

1. Naomi said so. Don’t mess with Naomi. Whatever she says goes.

2. Your product is truly groundbreaking. In today’s new economy, creativity to generate ideas to solve problems is the ultimate resource. It’s something that can’t be outsourced easily overseas because it can’t be easily reduced down to a mindless set of repeatable steps.

I love how Megan interjected her cool personality throughout the product. It makes it personable and user-friendly. This product is not just for the budding entrepreneur, like myself, but a regime for all small businesses to continually enhance and grow through creative problem-solving.

Colin Beveridge

Math Confidence Coach

Hey, Megan,

I wanted to say thanks for putting the Idea Catalyst Kit together – I’ve had the audio on in the car for the last week and I’m coming up with some awesome new stuff.

My internet went out a couple of days after I bought the kit, and instead of moping and grumbling the whole time, I looked for ways it could be a positive thing, and I came up with dozens of ways to work around it – realising I only ‘need’ it for e-mail and Skype, and pretty much everything else could fit in an odd half-hour in Starbucks.

The kit has given me an incredible shift in my perception of the internet and made me more productive (at least this week) than I’ve been in nearly a decade. Thank you.

All the best,