Megan Elizabeth Morris
Connectrix, Metacosmologist, Creative Catalyst

Recent personal health challenges have led to many changes since the summer of 2013 — changes for which my gratitude is cosmic. Those changes include My Work and My Schedule, which have both undergone deep transformations and continue to evolve as needed.

If you’d like to know more about my illness and find out how you can help, click here.

If you’d like to follow our posts about this healing adventure, look no further than the blog.

The illustrious Martin Whitmore is manning the Ideaschema helm. Email Marty if you’d like to work with either or both of us.

A note about email: My response-ability to email may be limited or slow for the foreseeable future; know that I value your persistence (and other noble qualities). Feel free to CC if you need a response more quickly, or want to make absolutely sure that it gets through.

That takes care of now. Keep reading if you want to know what I’ve been up to previous to the chronic illness onset of 2013. ;}

A little background on MEM

Megan Elizabeth MorrisHere’s a nice slice of (outdated) bio. If you’re interested in more information, hit me up.

Megan Elizabeth Morris — also known as MEM — is Creative Coordinator (among other things) at Ideaschema and Editor-in-Chief for Upmarket Magazine. Recently she spent a year working with Seth Godin and the team at Squidoo on their magazines project, has served as community catalyst at Productive Flourishing, and spent a delightful 6-month volunteer stint as co-lead of the Domino Project Street Team.

MEM is passionate about people, connection, expressionpossibility and positive impact, is constantly learning, and lusts after opportunities to inspire growth and positive change in both herself and the people around her. She’s a trained classical vocalist (opera, traditional Welsh, experimental, jazz) and she paints like a fiend. You can also find out more about MEM on her personal info page or by following her on Twitter.


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Though Martin Whitmore is currently heading up most of Ideaschema’s operations, I still have my hand in with community-oriented marketing projects, creative coordination for visual promotions, consulting, editing, research & development, design strategy, business management — you get the idea. Read more about Ideaschema’s purpose here.

If you’re an author, publisher or thought leader spreading important ideas that help people, we especially want to talk to you. Check out our illustrated book promotions, content amplification, or email Marty directly. If you want, you can also email me.

Upmarket Magazine

About Upmarket Magazine

Note: Upmarket is at a growth point and “on pause” temporarily. Feel free to browse what’s there in the meantime. :}

Since early 2012 I’ve served as managing editor for Upmarket Magazine. Upmarket was created by Seth Godin and Squidoo Magazines while I was part of the team, and it was originally part of the Squidoo Magazines lineup. In August 2012 we moved Upmarket to its own platform separate from Squidoo, and I’ve been sole point man since. Upmarket has a fantastic bevy of sharp contributors, and I’m always looking for more content opportunities. (If you’re a business writer or content creator, yes, I want to hear from you.)

If you’re a talented content creator looking to build community or create/expand your platform, walk (don’t run) to your email and tell me you’re interested. I’d love to know you.

All Around the Web

Art Prints: Art prints of MEM’s paintings @ Society6
Paintings: MEM’s original acrylic paintings @ ArtFire
Tumblr: MEM’s Life Feed
Toolbox: MEM’s Toolbox
Google+: Megan Elizabeth Morris
Twitter: @worldmegan (Megan Elizabeth Morris)
Squidoo: worldmegan on Squidoo
LinkedIn: Megan Elizabeth Morris on LinkedIn
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Triiibes: Megan Elizabeth Morris on Triiibes (members only)
TED: Megan Elizabeth Morris, TED profile
Diaspora: Shakti Mer on Diaspora

Press & Contributions

Holistic Business Radio #16: Personal Alchemy & the Ethics of What We Do (interview)
Some Online Handshakes Are Really Helpful Hugs (mention)
Sales Pages That Sell at Party Biz Connect (co-host / interview)
Caffeinated Business Community (interview)
Startup Superhero (interview)
Bob Poole (interview)
The 11 Project: Outside the Box (interview)
Linchpin Podcast (interview)
BlogCastFM: Turning Connections Into Business Opportunities, w/ Srinivas Rao (interview)
50 Netsetters You Should Know About (#18)
Red Dress Conversations (interview)
Roy Noble, BBC Radio Wales, 2010 (interview)
Roy Noble, BBC Radio Wales, 2009 (interview)
Question the Rules (interview, members only)
Alt-MBA: How to Win Friends & Influence People (Cosmic Wanderlust)
Swimbert: Tribes Q&A Ebook (interview)
The Tribes Casebook (contributor)
The Tribes Q&A Ebook (project lead)

Other Projects

Squidoo Magazines, Chief of Talent (September 2011 – August 2012)
Anything You Want (Derek Sivers)
The Domino Project Street Team (co-lead from July 2011)
No Idling Ebook | Do the Work (Steven Pressfield)
Austin Linchpins Meetup (Jan. 2010 – Dec. 2012) | stay-in-touch Facebook group (Austin, TX)
Megan Makes Music | Megan Elizabeth Morris on Americymru
Martin Whitmore, Evil Illustrator (business manager)
Creative Team in a Box Propaganda
Social Work prn Posts (blog archive)
Bob Poole’s Listen First – Sell Later on Amazon (editor)
Alternative MBA Squidoo Application
Lesson Seven: Stay Hungry (layout)
That Idea Blueprint Girl (case study)
Personal Revelations of the Magnificent Megan M. (blog archive)

Proud Attendee of…

Alchemy: The Georgia Burn 2012
Lift-Off Retreat, Portland
 (August, 2011)
SXSW Interactive (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)
Seth Godin / Linchpin Worldwide Meetup
Linchpin Leadership Training NYC (May, 2010)
TED 2010 Conference (Associate, February 2010)
Linchpin Session Book Launch NYC (January 15, 2010)
Triiibes Conference NYC (January 2010)
Seth Godin’s Alternate MBA Interviews in NYC, Application
(I was only a finalist, but I got the best rejection letter ever.)
Burning Flipside 2008, 2009, 2012
Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales
(2006 prize, 2010 prize)
North American Festival of Wales (2005, 2009, 2011)

A Smattering of Great Posts

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